Success with BarPerfect

First Timers & Repeaters tell their Stories…

"You saved my law school career!"

J. Artinger, Esq.

… we’ve been helping law students pass their courses and even make Law Review.  We have even helped some students go from Academic Probation to Dean’s List the very next semester.

"I passed the Baby Bar exam with two 85 and two 95 essays! Thanks!"

Hilda Zamora

… we’ve been helping students pass the dreaded Baby Bar Exam.  Some of them have achieved the highest grade possible – the all elusive ‘A’.  Most of our students write no less than an 80 essay.  In fact, a few of them have had their Baby Bar answers published by the Committee of Bar Examiners.

"I passed with BarPerfect. No PMBR, no bar/bri. Just BarPerfect."

Dean Thompson, Esq.

… we’ve been helping 1st-time bar exam candidates, recent law grads as well as attorney candidates, pass the CA Bar Exam on their very first attempt.  Some of our clients came from schools with atrocious overall pass rates, yet they passed.  Some of them even had LSAT scores in the 140s – usually the kiss of death for passing on your first attempt – yet they passed.  Some of our attorney clients hadn’t taken a bar exam in over 20 years, yet they passed.

"I went from 1,153 with another course to passing with BarPerfect on my very next attempt!"

Jennille Smith, Esq.

… and we have helped numerous repeat candidates become attorneys.  We’ve helped “low-score repeaters” – candidates who have never scored as high as 1,200 on the exam – pass on their very next attempt.  One of our clients came to us with a score of 1,153, but she passed with BarPerfect on her very next attempt.

"After a few tries with other courses and tutors, which I call 'junk', by the way, I finally passed with BarPerfect."

M. Padgett, Esq.

…and we have even helped “hard-core repeaters” – candidates who have taken the exam 10 times or more – pass on their very next attempt.  One of our clients came to us on try 19 and passed on try 20.

I am so glad that I didn't let those law blogs sway me...

Cheryl Petropoulos, Esq.

I had a feeling that the better courses and the better tutors were being cleverly attacked in those law blogs, and I’m glad that I trusted my instincts.

Do yourself a favor, don’t waste anymore time and money and join me on the PASS LIST.  Enroll in BarPerfect!

I am so glad that I didn’t let those law blogs sway me with those fictitious attacks on so many courses and so many tutors.  Actually, it was easy to see through them… Now I am an attorney. Because of BarPerfect.

The bar exam really did seem simple...

Kristina Beavers, Esq.

“I would like to recommend BarPerfect. I found their step-by-step approach to essay writing to be very logical. And, while it sounded simple, it was awkward, at first, to apply. But, after a few weeks, it became second nature. By the time I took the bar exam, the bar exam really did seem simple.”

Your writing techniques and lessons were the key to passing the Bar Exam...

Scott Jordan, Esq.

“I definitely agree that your writing techniques and lessons were the key to passing the Bar Exam.  That, and a lot of hard work and a dedication to passing.”

I had taken the big-name courses, but...

Fran Solmor, Esq.

“I passed because of BarPerfect.  I had taken the big-name courses, but I had fallen short. What BarPerfect teaches, and how they teach it, isn’t being done at the mass-produced level.  If you’re struggling with the process, or even if you’re not struggling with the process, BarPerfect is the answer!”

From the 1,100s to passing with BarPerfect...

Jennille Smith, Attorney at Law

I used BarPerfect and passed the California bar exam.

Before taking BarPerfect, my last bar was in the 1,100s, and I thought I’d probably have to take the bar a couple more times.  I had a severe case of test anxiety and could barely get myself to think about studying, let alone actually doing it.  The method taught by BarPerfect was easy to learn. They actually re-teach you how to write and how to think about the bar exam.  Then, you practice using a well-defined set of activities.

I actually enjoyed the process!  Prepare properly and the anxiety lifts because you now know you actually possess the skills needed to pass. 

This is an understatement:  BarPerfect prepares you better than the big well-marketed companies ever could. BarPerfect really works!  And it’s affordable.  Not cheap, but affordable.  They could be charging a whole lot more.

I passed the California bar exam on my first attempt...

Merit Mikhail, Esq.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I passed the California Bar Exam on my first attempt!

I don’t know what did it, but I know that when I was writing the essays I had the formula you showed me in my head and I used it.  Thank you for your help!”

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