Humble Beginnings

While working with law students, we began in September of 1994 as “legal education consultants” to help them to prepare for the bar exam.

Focusing mainly on candidates who had already failed the California bar exam, we encountered the same refrain, though with a notable addition:

“You clear things up instantly. I wish I would have gone to you before investing so much money with the bar exam course I bought!”

We wanted to do things better…

BarPerfect was born!


Turning On the Light Bulb…

During our two years at law school, we listened to other students complain about the extra-curricular seminars and commercial materials.  We informally polled students and bar candidates on their complaints regarding these services and products.  Most students felt such services and products did not effectively teach, did not effectively “turn on the light bulb,” so to speak…

BarPerfect is the light switch you need to prepare for the bar exam!

Methodology & Skills

Our Program Director ran Learning Resource Centers of two prominent southern California law schools, is a former Faculty Tutor at Chapman Law School, and a Law Review Invitee.  He passed the most difficult bar exam, the California Bar Exam, on his first attempt.

He is skilled in conveying the method which helped him pass the bar exam.  Most importantly, he is skilled at making law students and bar candidates skillful.

Why Do We Do it?

Why do we do it? Our motivation is to make the proverbial light bulb come on. When that happens, our life’s work is being accomplished.  Since you’re here, you may as well read every word of our site that pertains to you; starting with the testimonials.

We truly look forward to helping you pass your upcoming exam!

Countless Satisfied Customers

“I would like to recommend BarPerfect. I found their step-by-step approach to essay writing to be very logical.  And, while it sounded simple, it was awkward, at first, to apply.  But, after a few weeks, it became second nature.  By the time I took the bar exam, the bar exam really did seem simple.”

Kristina Beavers, Esq.

I passed because of BarPerfect.  I had taken the big-name courses, but I had fallen short. What BarPerfect teaches, and how they teach it, isn’t being done at the mass-produced level.  If you’re struggling with the process, or even if you’re not struggling with the process, BarPerfect is the answer!

Fran Solmor, Esq.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

With BarPerfect, you will learn a simple, full-proof technique along with a few easy-to-learn tools that will improve your chance of passing.  This program is the only thing you’ll ever need to pass the bar!

Study Smarter, Study Less & Learn More because BarPerfect teaches you the Exact Techniques & Skills you need to Master the Bar Exam!

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