Why BarPerfect?

Passing the Bar Exam

Knowing the law and studying hard is not enough to pass the Bar Exam. When writing for the Bar exam essay, there is more to it than simply following learning black letter law or following the IRAC approach.

Issue Spotting and Analysis is the key to passing. It is not enough to regurgitate black letter law or have right head notes. Your writing must also convey a well reasoned and coherent thought process that displays legal knowledge within the analysis.

Each state has an essay portion of the exam that requires knowledge of each subject. Since the exam is not long enough to test each subject and the examiners do not provide a list of what is to be tested, a student must learn how to write each subject.

Along with the essays there is the Multi-State portion and a Performance Test. There is a distinctive difference between a Performance Test and the Essays.

With a Performance Test, the candidate is being tested on their ability to use case law. Using case law, incidentally, does not mean the candidate should be aware only of a case’s holding and rationale.

With an essay exam, the candidate draws upon general legal knowledge that is subject specific. There are no cases to compare, contrast or distinguish when writing an essay as you may be required in law school.

In an essay exam analysis the facts drive the issues to be discussed. Your analysis is directed by a mix of subject matter approach and the call of the question. It is critical to intertwine the facts provided with the law. How you conclude is less relevant than the analysis.

How is BP different from competitors?

The simplest comparison of BarPerfect to its competitor is that to riding a bicycle. I would like you to imagine learning to ride a bike as a kid. You could only pay attention for about 30 seconds before something else distracted you. If your parents tried to sit you down and explain the hundred different parts of the bike you would quickly start day dreaming. With other programs they spend weeks reviewing law that you already have stored from law school. By force feeding you the black letter law they hope that it sticks and you will have enough to do a proper analysis. Our approach is the opposite. We unpack the bike, go over the navigational and safety rules of the road and let you have at it.



The quicker you start practicing the sooner your mind will learn to issue spot and analyze fact patterns. Our approach will allow you to spot an issue even without knowing the law. With the issue spotting and analysis tools in place learning the law is much easier. Your goal is to get on that bicycle and start peddling. Once you are able to ride it become more muscle memory than actively triggered recall.