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Bar Exam Preparation

We have even helped "hard-core repeaters" – candidates who have taken the exam 10 times or more – pass on their very next attempt. One of our clients came to us on try 19 and passed on try 20.

How we do it?

Our process involves the perfect blend of black-letter law and skill-enhancement activities. Our process prepares you what the California bar exam, the Baby bar exam and a law school final exam really are: problem-solving speed exams.

Keep in mind, the Committee of Bar Examiners is not simply asking you to regurgitate all of the law that you memorized. Nor is your professor asking you do the same.

Ultimately, you are being asked to demonstrate a thought process, above everything else. If you do not know how to do this, it does not matter how much law you know. You can know more law than a law professor, and still fail.

Think Kathleen Sullivan, the former dean of Stanford Law School, who failed the CBX. You can bet she knew enough law. She just didn't know how to convey her thought process to a California bar exam grader. She should have taken Barperfect.

When preparing for the California bar exam or a law school final exam, Barperfect, a full-service tutorial bar review with everything you need (a complete set of materials for all aspects of the exam, and personal guidance and feedback), should be your choice. Our process is activity-oriented, feedback-rich (we are staffed with former bar graders and ultra-talented law professors – our Program Director was a Faculty Tutor for Chapman Law School), highly unique, and, most of all, effective

Why we do it?

We are staffed with people who are teachers at heart. Our motivation is to make the proverbial light bulb come on. When that happens, our life’s work is being accomplished.

We truly look forward to helping you pass your upcoming exam.

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By the way ...

Barperfect is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating! What that means is this: as an "accredited business", our customer service is vouched for by the Better Business Bureau itself!

We call you back promptly, we answer e-mails promptly, and we provide you with detailed critiques of all of your homework assignments – promptly.

As you work through the Barperfect process, you'll realize that not only is the sum & substance of our course unique and remarkable, but so is our customer service.

You'll like what we do and how we do it. We promise.